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African Culture and Disability, Experiences of People with Disabilities: Part Four.

When persons with disabilities internalize stigma it brings about yet another barrier that must be overcome, this barrier is the negative perceptions that the society has towards them and this can also create feelings of shame among families who may hide their disabled children from public view. When culture is used as a tool to promote human dignity and interaction, then there will be progressive change of attitude towards persons with disabilities. There is need to get an answer some culture-disability relationship questions, find out the reason why disability is attributed to negative cultural beliefs and practices as well as reinforce the positive beliefs about disability. This can be achieved when we are able to find the existing gap in curbing the consequences of the cultural beliefs and practices to persons with disabilities.

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On the other hand, there is need to come up with ways of bringing the society to the attention to the need for inclusion and positive reception of persons with disabilities in the cultural beliefs and practices in the society. On the other hand, the direct identity and relationship with respondents can be an added advantage when finding out such realities and experiences of people with disabilities since this can be used as an entry point to empowering them with necessary skills on how to advocate for their rights as equal humans. Some of the sensitive questions that need answers include but are not limited to; Is disability a negative or positive thing? What are some of the African beliefs and practices on disability? Do these beliefs and practices affect both men and women with disabilities equally? Does the African culture promote respect for the dignity of the disabled? What should the society do to make disabled people feel included?





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