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African Culture and Disability, Experiences of People with Disabilities: Part Seven.

The aspect of social exclusion has progressively overtaken the terms like poverty and deprivation as a term for describing social division among people in the society. The developmental journey of the concept of social exclusion and its strengths have strongly been experienced to describe social division. The manifestation of social exclusion is two facet where on one side it portrays actions an on the other side it portrays social behaviours.


Social exclusion is a multidimensional process through which people face lack or denial of resources, rights, goods and services and mostly inability to participate in the normal relationships and activities of the majority of people in a society. It is used as an indicator for describing social divisions which mostly refers to persistent and systematic multiple deprivations, as opposed to poverty or other experiences of disadvantage.


Social exclusion therefore occurs when different factors work together to trap individuals and cause a spiral of disadvantage. Social exclusion is a multidimensional processes that takes into account the participation in decision making and political processes, access to employment and material resources, and integration into common cultural processes of the society.

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