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African Culture and Disability, Experiences of People with Disabilities: Part Two.

There are so many cultural perceptions, attitudes and behavior expressions towards the disabled while at the same time so much cultural justification of such behaviors. Drawing most of the examples from African countries that share similar cultural beliefs and practices like Kenya, there can be an argument that perceptions, attitudes and behavior towards people with disabilities are commonly laid on the cultural foundation making it worthy localizing the efforts to investigate this occurrences in Kenya across the different cultural backgrounds. Depicting from the framework of social, ethical and intersectionality, it is widely argued that constructed behavior towards an individual or a group of people have a strong effect on where they sit in the society, either fully included or on the margins.

African counties, Kenya among them, are signatories to the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights of all. This therefore implies that African countries can borrow from human rights values and morality of ubuntu to promote and respect rights of those with disabilities in the society.

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Around the globe, stereotypes, prejudice, and stigma are the major contributors to the marginalization and exclusion experienced by people with disabilities in all areas of their lives. One main source of these is the African cultural practices and beliefs. Women with disabilities experience these in twofold, for being women and for having disabilities showing how marginalization and gender have a correlation. This therefore clearly indicates that the African culture plays a role in the marginalization of disabled people in Kenya and in other African countries.

The narratives about disability that are culturally defined have been given attention for some time in the recent past. Looking at them from the perspective of poverty, little or no information, as well as the day to day challenges facing the disabled in the society different ways of understandings have come out. There are so many ways that have been developed to counter the challenges facing the disabled and one of them being reflection and education. This is a methodology that has brought out so much information on the attitudes, perceptions prejudices, stereotypes that people have about both disability and persons with disabilities.

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