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Living With a Strong Will in a Society that is full of Negativity: How family and Friends Played a Big Role

My Name is Lilian Mibei, a resident of Uasin Gishu county, a Polio Survivor. I was born a healthy child and soon after 5months the monster called Polio struck and deformed me. My late Parents did their part by seeking Medical Intervention, in various hospitals, they never had knowledge about Polio, but through the support of Catholic Nuns from Turbo, my Parents were advised and given counseling and guidance on measures to take towards my upbringing.

After undergoing a successful surgery, at Eldama Ravine that’s when I was introduced to the world of mobility by use of calipers and crutches, despite all that I am truly grateful because I am independent and I can manage to do a few chores by myself. Life with disability is complex, there are lots of challenges along the way, but that has not deterred me from achieving my goals, this is because I believe in myself n I am stronger in my abilities, I am not defined by my disability but the will power in me keeps me going. I am a jovial and ever smiling lady, through that smile I derive my happiness and the strength to carry on. Above all I keep my Faith and Trust in God. I am happy because I am a living testimony, I have been a pillar of strength to many parents of children with disabilities that indeed there’s hope and bright future for abled differently families, in me they see hope and that makes me a happy person in the society.

Self-pity does not exist in my vocabularies, and many times I forget that I have a disability. Truly speaking disability is not inability. My take on the society and the community at large let’s embrace disability, in creating awareness and sensitization on importance of educating any child with disability because that’s the main gift u can offer to them. I would also urge the Government, to equally support on Disability mainstreaming, by ensuring accessibility in all Government buildings are friendly and by doing so, promoting equality and inclusive society for all. There’s light at the end of the tunnel, let’s work hard and we shall reap the fruits of our labour.


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